Specialty Prom Jackets

Special Order Coats from Prestige Tuxedo - Just the right thing to set off your Prom 2020 and make a statement.

New for 2020

Sometimes Prom calls for a little extra. Something with some added flair to create the perfect statement for Senior or Junior Prom. After all, you'll be looking back on photos from Prom night and reminiscing - might as well take the opportunity to make sure you stand out.

This year Prestige has added 4-5 new looks that will help create that statement and make sure you turn heads. With the Hendrix, Mardi Gras, Gold Flake, or one of the other special order coats, you're guaranteed to get those additional looks you're going for.

At Prestige, no added cost is involved with special order coats - and these coats are still eligible for the 2020 $60 Prom discount. (Get your discount coupon by texting TUX to 24587)

The special order coats require a two week lead time before your prom date - and a backup coat choice is required in the off-chance the special order arrives late. Special order coats are only guaranteed to be available for pick up 24hrs before your use date.

Specialty Prom Tuxedo Jacket - Mardi Gras Style
Specialty Prom Jacket - Gold

Stop in our Baum Drive location located at 6217 Baum Drive to see these special coats in person - and to choose the perfect one to set off your prom night in style.

February 23, 2020
Prestige Tuxedo Team